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Barcelona, the most famous city in Spain (arguably) but from my opinion, many more people know this as a tourist destination than Madrid. But why is that? I would say the beaches have to play a big part. It is the only city in Europe with so many beaches, and they’re not bad either! Barcelona has A LOT to visit for a city. Sangrada Familia, Parc Guell, The Picasso museum, the beaches, the nightlife… you get the idea. So after visiting this weekend randomly I decided I would write my next post about Barcelona, this weekend was very different from the first time I visited, as a naive 17 year old. This time 22 on a whim because I had no plans for the weekend.


View of the city in Park Gúell



I have to say, despite Barcelona probably coming second after Madrid (big conflict between both) I do think the Vibe in Barcelona is better. There are so many people doing so many different things all in one space, and it’s f*cking cool! I was sitting in Ciutadella Park and looking around me there were roller bladers, people drinking, couples being in love, tourists on segways, individuals reading, groups of girls laughing, families having picnics, idiots riding bikes on one wheel, street artists earning money from blowing MASSIVE bubbles… and it felt nice. It felt like everyone could find their place here. It’s like throwing every kind of food and spice you have left in the fridge into one with big dish and they actually all go so well together. Of course, like most big cities, there is always something to do, but I will say it anyway, there is always something to do. People from all over the world, living working, travelling, and coming together in Barcelona.

Ciutadella Park


To do

I won’t go into detail about everything there is to do in BCN but some of the best things you can do include; Sangrada Familia, the cathedral designed by Gaudi, Parc Guell – also designed by Gaudi and a lovely parc to explore and chill out. You can easily access the beaches, they are right in the city centre. Walk along Las Ramblas which is the long winding road connecting plaza de cataluña with the port, full of shops and nice restaurants. And of course, the nightlife, which I haven’t experienced to the full extent, only some cool bars in Barrio Gotic. I also loved hanging out in Ciutadella Park on a relaxing Sunday afternoon.

Travel Barcelona
Sangrada Familia



Barceloneta Beach



My favourite

My favourite thing in Barcelona has to be the lovely balconies in the flats, where you feel like you are a part of the atmosphere down below, and you get to be outside when you’re inside! (well almost) I love hearing the sounds of the street when indoors, people talking, scooters buzzing, birds singing and music playing. I was lucky enough to stay in a flat on Las Ramblas, where it was very busy! But most flats in the centre have balconies, it’s BCN standard procedure, so make the most of them!



If you have any other questions about Barcelona that you want to ask me, share a comment!

Remember this is my personal experience and I can only share my own knowledge, but if you have any other ideas or info you would like to do, please enlighten me!


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