Còrdoba wasn’t a city I’d heard about as much as some others, but as I had a friend there and I had the opportunity to stay with him and his Spanish family, I couldn’t refuse a weekend trip! I went in January so it wasn’t as hot as usual but normally, it is as hot as the rest of Andalusia (REALLY HOT!) I travelled by BlaBlaCar from Valencia to Còrdoba which normally takes around 6 hours. I like Còrdoba because it is not too big but still has many attractions which are well worth visiting, the old town is really beautiful and you can watch a lovely sunset across the river.

Roman bridge



Còrdoba is just like the rest of Andalusía, very laid back and friendly. The people here also want to talk to you about your entire life if you just ask for directions, but its nice! I felt even more relaxed here as it was not as big as Seville and there were more chances to relax and nothing was too far away. I absolutely love the white and blue colours which make you feel a bit cooler even though its 45 degrees.  There is a famous festival- Patios where owners open up their courtyards and roof terraces and very kindly show off their beautiful gardens to you.

Plaza Mayor
Roman ruins reconstructed

To do

You have to go to the Mezquita! This is the most famous part of Còrdoba and inside is incredible, There is a Cathedral right inside the mosque and it is a prime example of when Catholics, Jews and Muslims used to live side by side in a diverse range of cultures. Right outside the Mezquita is a lovely little traditional bar, Bar Santos where you can take away some of the best Tortilla de Patatas or Salmorejo which are both famous dishes from this city. Now I’m feeling hungry just thinking about it again…


Cordoba Cordoba

Outside the Mezquita

Another Must-Do is to stroll through the old town and admire some of the famous courtyards and flowers which decorate most parts of the city. Walking from the bus stop to the main historical centre was something I had to do 4 or 5 times, but this is a really nice way to see the city, first you walk through the Jardines de Victoria, then you pass through the commercial shops and then the old town until you finally get to the river. The River is a brilliant place to watch the sunset too, especially across the old Roman Bridge.

Cordoba Cordoba  Cordoba

My Fav

My favourite was by far the evening on the rooftop bar, Balcòn de Còrdoba. This lovely little place overlooks the city and the Mezquita which is lit up beautifully at night. I only ordered a couple beers and a tapas which wasn’t too bad but if you want a full meal it will be a little on the pricey side, but the staff were lovely and the views are worth it.




If you have any other questions about Còrdoba that you want to ask me, share a comment!

Remember this is my personal experience and I can only share my own knowledge, but if you have any other ideas or info you would like to do, please enlighten me!


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