12 Hours in Seville

Seville, one of the hottest cities in Spain and the capital of the southern Spanish region; Andalusia! Sevilla is definitely one of my favourite cities in Spain and after waiting to go here for almost a year, I finally got the chance to stop off for 12 hours on my long travel from Tarifa to Valencia. The city is full of gorgeous buildings and architecture from the Moorish community who lived here in the 18th century. The food is amazing and the people are some of the friendliest you will ever meet. The only thing you need to be aware of, is that it’s f*cking HOT! I would definitely recommend for you to come no later than April/may if you really want to spend time walking around the city, as you will really struggle, it is the hottest city in Spain and far away from a beach or a nice breeze. I went in March and it was already very hot…just saying.


12 hours in Seville



As I said before, I think that the people here are some of the friendliest you will ever meet. Stop someone for directions and they’ll want to tell you their life story. It’s nice, is not a little bit annoying, but nice all the same. The strong Andalusian accent can be a little difficult at times to understand, but if you just smile, then I’m sure you’ll get by just fine. I like these cities in Andalusia as the bars almost always give you tapas – true Spanish style!


To do

There are a lot of things to do in Sevilla! I would certainly recommend Plaza España which is the very famous and grand square inside Maria Luisa park. This is the most famous if not in the top 3 famous things to do in this city and you will understand why when you see it. Another lovely place to visit is Alcàzar Palace which was originally built by the Moorish Muslim kings. The architecture is incredible and there are also some amazing gardens outside, you could get lost in there for hours or just relax in the shade for a while. It’s also free on Monday evenings and we were luckily right next to it on a Monday afternoon 😉 You might also want to take a stroll along the river, or spend the day eating tapas and drinking cañas(small beer), Seville is a very relaxed city and you should embrace that!

12 hours in Seville 12 hours in Seville

IMG_4507 IMG_4506

My fav

Very typical choice, but Plaza España was my favourite part. I think there are not many people who would see the beautiful building without a gasp or a slightly opened mouth, just by the overwhelming beauty and vastness of this plaza. The colours are incredible, and if you have time, then don’t feel ashamed to go during the day and night, the vibe and the colours are completely different. I managed to go there 3 times within 12 hours and didn’t feel bored by the last time at all. It is also situated in Parque de María Luisa which is another lovely place to spend time in and to relax after walking in the hot Andalusian sun.

IMG_4502 IMG_4504 12 hours in Seville 12 hours in Seville



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