When I hear ‘Alicante’ for some reason I used to think of annoying British tourists who go to Spain to get drunk and burnt in tacky hotels without any sign of culture. But that’s in Benidorm, which is in the northern part of the Province. However I managed to go to the City of Alicante a couple of times, and although it may not be so big, it definitely feels very Spanish and has great beaches, nightlife and probably the coolest castle I’ve ever been to in my life…



Alicante is a big university town with plenty of Erasmus students, which really helps to keep the city young and the parties late. I managed to Couchsurf there both times. First with a local who worked in the city and second with Erasmus students who were studying for the year. But both times definitely included partying, Alicante is a great place if you love to party and spend time with internationals.

To do

I’ll be honest, the city of Alicante doesn’t have much more than the castle, the night-life and the beach. If you head a little out of the city you can find some incredible waterfalls and hiking trips in Las Fuentes del Algar.

Of course, the most important part of visiting the Coasta Blanca is the beautiful white beaches! Even the city beach had super clear waters and white sands (very different to Valencia where we would often see a floating human sh*t passing next to us) So I would certainly recommend spending a few hours catching sun here! It is easy walking distance from the city centre and the main stretch of restaurants along the promenade.


The beach

The night-life! We went to a really amazing club by the port, right next to the sea, called Kraken. Despite being January it wasn’t too cold and although it may have been more enjoyable in the summer months it was still a beautiful location and we had a good night. There are some really comfy white sofas and they play mostly electronic/indie, tip: don’t arrive too early as it get’s busy around 3am!


My favourite

The Castle was like a giant playground and after a big night partying this was exactly what we needed. I remember it took a while to walk up there, especially with the hangover but from the top you can some incredible views of the city and the sea. The best thing about the castle what that it felt like no one was particularly taking much care and you could go wherever you wanted, even if the castle walls were crumbling beneath your feet. I loved it!


If you have any other questions about Alicante that you want to ask me, share a comment!

Remember this is my personal experience and I can only share my own knowledge, but if you have any other ideas or info you would like to do, please enlighten me!


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