Cap formentor majorca

10 Best Beaches in Majorca

Summer is fast approaching and we are all excited to get back onto the beach again! In Majorca there are over 200 beaches to choose from. They get super touristic in the summer, even the small coves which are hard to find! It’s good to arrive early or to avoid the crowds and come in May or September rather than August or July. I’m going to share with you my top 10 beaches from all over the island, let’s take a look:

1. Calo D’es Moro

Located near to Santyani in the south east of the island. 

cala d'es moro majorca

This lovely little cove has some SUPER clear blue water, absolutely beautiful! It’s not located near to any services so bring any food and drink you may need whilst on the beach. It’s not a huge beach but something a little different and romantic.

2. Formentor Beach

Located just outside Pollenca in the north east of the island.

Cap formentor majorca

The Formentor beach is a little bit special as the views are much more interesting than simply the sea. You can see the mountains and landscapes surrounding the cove whilst enjoying some shade under the pine trees which cover the beach.

3. Es Trenc

Located in the south of the island 

es trenc majorca

This is the longest beach on the island with 2km of sand. The beach is not so deep but very long so you’ll definitely find a space. It’s nice as there are no resorts nearby making it more wild and natural. You’ll find a couple of cool beach bars where you can eat and listen to live music in the evenings.

4. Cala Llucalcari

Located near to Deia in the west of the island

cala llucalcari majorca

This is a fairly hidden little rocky cove located not too far away from the village of Deia. There’s a small car park on the main road and you can follow a path down towards the beach. It’s a great beach as it’s fairly quiet and away from tourists. But know that the locals sometimes use it as a nudist beach. There’s also natural mud here so take advantage of a free mud bath!

5. Cala Bóquer

Located a short hike from Pollenca in the north of the island

cala boquer

Cala Bóquer is a small little cover about 40 mins walking from Pollenca. It’s a beautiful walk in the mountains and the countryside and I’d certainly recommend it if you’re in Pollenca. The beach is also home to some goats with no shame who do not care if they’re totally invading your personal space.

6. Cala Blava

Located just a 10 minute drive east of Palma on the south of Majorca

cala blava majorca

One of my favourite beaches, probably because it is so close to wear I live but also as it’s not so touristic or boring. The cove is fairly rocky and wild and there are not many shops around the area. The water is super clear though and you’ll definitely find some privacy.

7. Cala Mondrago

Located near to Cala Do’r in the south east of Majorca

cala mondrago majorca

Mondrago is actually a national park with some really beautiful walks. Also like most places in Majorca, you’ll find some beaches! If you like a mixture of walking and beach this is a great day trip, they’re are also a few cafès and restaurants around this area.

8. Portals Nous

Located about 15 minutes drive from Palma in the south of the island 

portals vells majorca

This is more of a posh area of Majorca meaning the beaches and the bars are a bit more luxurious too. When I visited they had a fun park in the water with slides and obstacle courses, but of course there’s also a quieter area. The beach bars are pretty nice here and it’s a short day trip from Palma.

9. Sa Calobra

Located in the north east of the island

sa calobra majorca

This beach is pretty cool as it’s right smack in the middle of two very large boulders. It has a lot of space to find your spot on the beach but can get shady quiet early due to the large rocks. The water is very clear but there are pebbles on the beach. To get there you also have to walk through some caves which is pretty spectacular!

10. Cala Llombards

Located near to Santyani in the east coast of the island

cala llombards

This is another very blue water beach with white sand and super beautiful. There’s a little more space than some of the other coves and you can also choose to stay on the rocks if you want to avoid the crowds.

I hope to explore many more beaches in Majorca and eventually all of them when I get the time! There are a lot! What are your favourite beaches in Majorca and why?

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10 thoughts on “10 Best Beaches in Majorca

  1. What a wonderful list of beaches. I want to go to all of them! Had no idea about any of these beaches. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Beautiful pictures! These beaches look so nice and I didn’t expect to see this cute goat there lol. Thank you for sharing!



  3. I’ve never been to Majorca, but I am dying to go. The water is so blue, and the beaches look so peaceful. And I really want to meet the goats with no shame! I will definitely keep this in mind for my next trip to Spain.


  4. Ah, these beaches are “OK”, but you miss some real stunners here, the secret beaches in the northeast in particular. But I suppose everyone has their favourites.


    1. Yeah there’s a lot I still need to go to as well as there’s so many. These for me stood out as the most beautiful but thanks for the tip! 🙂


  5. They are all lovely places but the photo for Portals Vells is not correct. It looks more like the beach near Puerto Portals/Portals Nous (pronounced nowss) Portals Vells is between Palma Nova and Port Adriano…


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