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Moving to Spain

3 years ago I was having the time of my life on my erasmus year in Madrid. Fast forward 3 years and here I am living and working on the Mediterranean island of Majorca! I fulfilled my dream of moving to a paradise and working in an exciting job! I’ll explain to you how exactly that happened and why I decided to do it.

Emigrating to Spain 


The summer holidays are on their way and while many Brits make their way to various parts of Spain for their summer holidays, I am about to get on a plane to the UK to visit my family for the weekend and show my boyfriend how cool Liverpool can be (yes Liverpool can be cool). I’m originally from there, studied down south in Cornwall and now I’m living in Majorca, Spain.

For me it was a dream to move to a place where other people go on holiday.

It began when I was doing my erasmus in Madrid back in 2013, I absolutely fell in love with the country and decided to return once I’d finished my degree. In June 2014, I found an internship in social media marketing in Madrid and following that a marketing job in Valencia. These were both temporary contracts so in early 2015, I started searching for a more permanent job. That’s when I discovered and started working in their office in Majorca and I’ve never looked back!

Would I consider moving back to the UK?

meet expats abroad

Sometimes of course I really miss being in the UK. It goes without saying, that I miss all my family and friends there, but I also miss crumpets and cathedral city cheese.

At the moment I really couldn’t see myself moving back there, I feel much more homely and settled now I’m in Majorca. I have a beautiful flat, some amazing friends and an exciting job here. I’m also learning Spanish very slowly and I don’t think I should leave until I master it!

When I talk to people they often tell me I’m living the dream. Well, don’t let dreams be dreams 😉

Why Majorca?

formentor majorca

To be honest I moved here for the job. I was offered to work at which is a international startup. Majorca is also a very international island and there are plenty of other expats around. This also makes it easier for the language barrier, I use Spanish sometimes in my work but it is not mandatory. Although I am ashamed that I still didn’t properly learn Spanish, it makes my life easier while I’m slowly learning the language.

I also chose Majorca because it’s absolutely beautiful! The clear blue waters, the gorgeous mountains and the amazing parties are unbeatable!

Making Money in Spain


How can you earn money in Spain or in Majorca? You don’t necessarily have to speak Spanish to work here. While it’s obviously better if you do, many companies are run by German, English, Swedish or other international expats. I am English expat working for a German company in Spain. Although the island is very small, there are many up and coming startups in Majorca (including the one I work for of course) and I’m really excited about what the future holds for business on the island.

If you are a freelancer or entrepreneur there are many options to come and live and work in Majorca. Our next door neighbours are actually renting out office space in Majorca and they have a really cool area to work, including cool people!

In terms of the rest of Spain, there are hundreds of other options for expats living abroad. The main cities such as Barcelona and Madrid are rammed full of international Jobs and you can learn more about finding an expat job in Spain in my article.

Work-life balance in paradise

5 Things I Love About Spanish Culture

I can’t lie, it’s incredible to have the beach right infront of your door (I’m joking it’s 10 mins down the road). But even in Majorca you still have to remember to get the right work/life balance. Working for a startup, as a freelancer or entrepreneur can be tough and you have to stay positive! It also gets ridiculously hot in the summer so make use of the air con!

The recreational value is worth everything! The Sun, beaches and sea. During the winter, you can go hiking in the Tramuntana mountain range!

You might also want to learn more about how to get an expat job in Spain or how to find accomodation in Spain you can read more in my blog!


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  1. Sounds beautiful! I’m thinking of Portugal or Spain. Ready to live my later years exploring outside the United States! I’ve never been to Europe! I’m excited!


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