The Night Manager Filmed In Majorca!

If you are British, or love watching British series, you’ve probably heard about or already watched the famous series, The Night Manager released March 2016. I personally watched the whole series in just one weekend as I was completely addicted! I live in Majorca and was so excited when I found out that the series was filmed here and noticed all of the special places. Majorca is absolutely gorgeous!

As well as Marrakesh and Zermatt, the series was filmed and also based in many locations on the Balearic island of Majorca. And of course the most beautiful scenes were here, the places that made us all want to visit! So where exactly was the series filmed in Majorca?

Filming Locations in Majorca

Port de Soller

soller tram

In the scene where Pine decides to take Roper’s (Hugh Laurie’s) son for a day out, they end up in the town of Soller, on the Carrer de la Marina to be precise. Pine takes the son to eat an ice cream from the glace Moustache Truck (whose sales have rocketed since the series was released.) Soller port is located in the north of the island in the Tramuntana Mountains and home to many expensive yachts and restaurants. It’s a gorgeous little place with a beach, bars and holiday homes.

Palma de Majorca

Top 10 Things To Do In Palma de Mallorca

The main city of Majorca is featured a few times in the drama, even if they were made to look like another place. The Palau March, which is situated very close to the Cathedral, is shown as an entrance to an Istanbul hotel. You can also spot the terrace in Sadrassana restaurant, the Santa Eulalia church and Café Moderno which are shown to be various parts of Madrid.

Cala Deia

cala deia

A fairly relaxed little cove also in the north of the island appears in the scene where Ropers son (Danny) gets kidnapped. This was one of the biggest moments in the series and when Pine (Tom Hiddleston) comes back to find Roper. The restaurant where they were eating is very unique and one of the best on the island. Ca’s Patró March restaurant serves grilled seafood Mallorcan Nou Nat chardonnay and is situated on a small cliff above the beautiful cove!

La Fortaleza


The main location of the whole series is Roper’s house which was the most expensive house in the whole of Spain (sold for €30million in 2011 to a British banker). The house (or palace you could say) is located on the north coast of Pollença and dates back 4 centuries!

Hospes Maricel Hotel

hospes MarcielLocated in the west of Palma, Hospes Maricel is spotted in various scenes. You’ll see it when everyone is looking out to the Mediterranean sea and Pine and Jed leave to be together.

Son Julia Hotel, Llucmajor

son julia majorca

The Son Julia Hotel near Llucmajor, south-east of Majorca appeared when Jed and Pine get together. The hotel goes back to the 15th century and has a moorish style interior. This hotel is also supposed to be in Istanbul in the scene when Pine talks to Rob Singhal (Adeel Akhtar).

Did you spot any other venues from The Night Manager which I missed?


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