4 Places to Eat Authentic Pizza in Palma de Majorca

Palma isn’t the most famous place to eat pizza. If you’re visiting, you will probably be more likely to try some of the Pamboli or Sobrassada dishes. But we all love a good pizza and we can’t eat tapas everyday, right? I am guilty, pizza is literally my favourite food in the whole world. I love a good pizza, and I’ve tried most of them in Palma! So I thought I’d share with you the best authentic pizzas…

Il Tano

Carrer de la Pursiana, 10

Il Tano is based in the neighbourhood of Santa Catalina which is where there are many cool bars and restaurants and young people enjoying life. Il Tano is a favourite among locals and they have a wide variety of real Italian pizzas. The pizza is a little on the expensive site but the quality makes up for it and you can avoid the pricey pizzas by ordering one of their classics.

il-tano palma

Il Porticato

Carrer de Ramon Llull, 8

Il Porticato is on the other side of town in the Calatrava neighbourhood and old town of Palma. The place is really nice with an old traditional interior. They also have a sobrassada pizza for those who love the traditional Majorcan pork. The price is very reasonable and the pizza sizes are just right to fill you up!


il porticato palmaPasta & Fantasia

Carrer del Pare Bartomeu Pou, 3

Pasta & Fantasia is a hidden gem a little out of the centre of the city. Owned and run by Italians who make some amazing pizza, it’s a great place to have dinner and wine for a pretty low price. They even have a fried pizza which is very good!



C/ Ciutat de Quilmes, 10

Mozzatura has to be my favourite pizza place in Palma for the moment. I love how small and cosy the the place is and it has a great atmosphere. It’s always full of people! They napoli style pizzas with thin bases and big crusts. The pizzas have a nice crispy dough, just thin enough cooked in their food fired oven. They have almost all great reviews on trip advisor too!

il panzerotto palma

What’s your favourite pizzeria in Palma? Do you know of any other hidden gems in the city?

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