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Vermut Cultural de Canamunt Returns to Palma de Majorca!

Winter is getting closer and the days at the beach are coming to and end. But don’t worry, the fun doesn’t stop here! The famous Saturday Vermut bar crawl or Vermut Cultural de Canamunt is returning to Palma’s old town! They offer a local vermut and a small tapa/snack for just 2.50! The Vermut Ruta is similar to La Ruta Martiana but rather than a Tuesday night, the event begins on a Saturday lunchtime and it’s alll about the vermut rather than beer or wine and tapas.

vermut canamunt

What’s special about Vermut Canamunt is that each bar which participates has a different type of local vermut to try. It’s a nice way to explore the bars in the old town whilst trying different vermuts, meeting new people and getting a little tipsy (well what else can you do on a Saturday during winter in Majorca?).  Locals often go to the Vermut Canamunt before, during or after having their lunch in the old town. It’s similar to the market which opens its doors for drinks and tapas on a Saturday in Santa Catalina. A place to get drunk for a slightly more mature crowd who prefer to go out for drinks in the daytime!


So which bars are involved in Vermut Canamunt in Palma? Let’s take a look…

La Tortilleria

Plaza Quartera 1


If you’re a fan of typical Spanish tortilla, then make sure you head down to La Totilleria! They even have the Majorcan food, sobrassada tortilla which is delicious!

Bar Espana

Calle de Can Escurasc 12


Maybe you’ve heard of this famous locals bar, Bar Espana located next to plaza major in the centre of Palma. They have really great tapas from all over Spain and it’s always full!

Molta Barra

Calle del pes de la farna 12


The famous place to end la ruta martiana Molta Barra is not so crowded on a Saturday than a Tuesday evening but still pretty lively and they even have swing dancers performing. They have some great tapas and it’s fairly cheap, you can even find some vegan options.


Ca La Seu

Calle de Cordería 17


This typical Malloquín bar, Ca La Seu is a 500 year old converted barn with marble surfaces, delicious tapas and a great atmosphere most nights of the week. It’s a very locals bar so you will certainly feel at home in Mallorca.

La Andaluza

Plaza D’en Coll 10

la andaluzua

This new franchise in Plaza D’en Coll serves, as you might have guessed, food from Andalusia in the south of Spain. La Andaluza has a great terrace and interior, especially as this place is very new! Go there and try some vermuts.

La Cuadra Del Mano

Calle de la Galera, 6


La Cuadra del Maño is a barbecue grill bar serving grilled meat, and many different tapas options!

Which is your favourite bar in Palma de Mallorca? Where have you tried the best vermut?

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