Urban Mobility is Revolutionising the City of Palma de Majorca

You may have already noticed, the fancy new shop in Calle San Francesc, in the Calatrava neighbourhood of Palma’s old town. Urban Drivestyle is pretty self explanatory; urban driving, in style. Think of Bikes, Scooters, Motorbikes and any other form of urban driving, but electrical, quiet, smooth and fast.


Cars Cannot Drive in the centre of Palma

As recently the old town of Palma has been closed off for drivers, other than delivery cars or residents living this area, it is getting more difficult to drive around the city centre. Not to mention that the old town is really not cut out for cars at all. The roads are narrow and full of pedestrians, it’s really quite difficult to drive around some of the streets in the centre. Driving also creates a lot of traffic in Palma, it’s difficult to park and generally not nice as they are loud and polluting. I personally agree that it is better with less cars in the city centre, although I can understand the complaints from locals.

6 mopeds parked in just one parking space in Palma!

What’s available in Urban Drivestyle

I have seen other electric bike shops in Palma/Majorca before, but Urban Drivestyle is really unique. They offer both sales and rentals of their urban vehicles and they are really good quality, with a good design too. So you will even look good whilst riding around the city. As well as this, Urban Drivestyle has it’s own repair station in the shop where you can go to fix any problems you might have with your bike or other vehicle. The guys are really friendly and helpful with any issues.



e-scooter e-scooter-folded


e-bike e-bike-2


e moped palma motorbike-urban-drivestyle


How Can Urban Mobility Change Palma/Majorca

Majorca is the perfect place to use urban mobility. The island is small therefore you rarely need to travel much further than 80km which is also the reach of the motorbikes. In Palma city centre, it’s very difficult to use your car and as the city is not so big, even to the outskirts, there is really no need to use a car. The scooters are small and fold up too which is great to take them up the narrow stairs in your traditional Palma flat! The e-bikes are also very small and easy to carry. And guess what? You can charge all these vehicles in a normal household plug, how cool is that? You’ll never be stuck fora place to power up.

urban drivestyle palma

Free Drinks in Urban Drivestyle

Free drinks!? While you’re wandering around the Urban Drivestyle shop, you can also get a free coffee, coke or maybe even beer if you’re lucky. It’s a small touch but a really nice way to make you you feel at home. If you want to have a free test ride on one of the vehicles, you can do that too! So I’d recommend having a wander down Calle San Francesc next time you’re in Palma to take a look 🙂

urban drivestyle team

Get in touch!

Calle Sant Francesc 11
Palma De Mallorca, Spain
0034 871 032 144
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