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How to get your Driving Licence in Spain – Theory Exam (1/2)

Getting your driving licence in any country is a pretty scary thought but how on earth do you go about getting it in a foreign country, especially one where you may not even speak the language! 🤔 Well I can tell you that in Spain it’s possible and you can even study in English!

At some point you will have to find yourself a driving school and really, one which speaks English! For the practical lessons it’s not necessary to be fluent in Spanish as the directions are often simple, however for the theory exam, it could be a bit problematic if you don’t speak Spanish.🇪🇸

How to get started with your driving theory

First you need to decide whether you prefer to pass your theory test with a driving school as part of a full package including practical classes OR whether you’d rather simply study on your own and then when you’re ready, book the theory test with the DGT (official traffic company in Spain) yourself. My advice: if you’re not 100% sure what you’re doing or don’t have all the available material to study, get a package offer with a driving school as it makes your life 100% easier and you can still study at home using online tests or a book which they will provide.

I personally passed my theory driving test in Mallorca in 2017 with a driving school that had the option for English classes, English books and an English exam: Autoescuela express. They have 5 schools around Palma and one of the only schools with everything available in English. Although they have many offices, the one where they speak English is based in Santa Catalina Carrer d’Anníbal, 36.

Theory test in Spain

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that DGT offers theory exams in English, therefore to practice, you can choose one of the following:

  1. Find a school which provides you with theory lessons/books/practice exams & everything else
  2. Buy a book and study yourself
  3. Register to an online theory test practice website which has English exam practice tests.

In the end I bought a full package with the school which included a book, access to online tests to do at home and classes in the school ( I didn’t actually go to any of those😳) and I passed my theory first time, wooo! ⚡️

My Tip: There are a few websites which offer theory practise tests for free and you’ll be pleased to know it’s in English too.

What you need to pass your theory driving test

  • NIE/Passport
  • Spanish residency (which is proved with your NIE)
  • 2 passport photos
  • Medical test (around 30€ or included in a package)
  • Theory test (can cost around 50€ or included in package)

In total I paid around 175€ for passing my theory test including everything I needed to study. Although I passed my exam about 3 months after registering, I spent about 1/2 weeks studying until I was ready for my exam. And by that I mean in the evenings after work and some weekends as I had a full time job. I’d say in general its cheaper than in the UK. Unless you fail the first time then it can get a bit more expensive 😉

Next time I will write about how to pass your practical driving test in Spain, once I’ve managed to get it myself. I’ll keep you posted! 🙂 If you have any questions about passing your theory driving test in Spain do leave a comment and I’ll try to help you out as best I can! Buena Suerte a todos!

P.S. If you’re looking for a way to renew your foreign driving licence in Spain check this article. And if you’ve also passed your theory/driving test in Spain, how was it? 🙂


14 thoughts on “How to get your Driving Licence in Spain – Theory Exam (1/2)

  1. Hi I hope you are fine and firstly I really thnakful to you for posting such informative material about driving license. I have a question can you tell me about the websirltes name or link that provide free theory notes or matelias. I am thankful to you.


  2. Hi
    Thanks for your information. Do you know how can I have a driving license book? I live in Sweden but plan to have a exam in Spain. English school can not send me to Sweden. I do not know how does the book look like to search in other store. Could you give me more information about the book?


  3. hi.there..i have already studied from practica test and gave theory exam and its my 5th time now..i failed 4 times..the questions whick comes in exam are a way different from.those present in the practicatest..plz can u guide me with a more reliabe book and website.


  4. Hello thanks a lot for all u said I really wana have this license but how can I get this book and also how many Queations do they have in this book that I have to learn all


    1. Hi,

      I got the book from a driving school called autoescuela express however this is only in Mallorca.

      I’d recommend registering with a driving school as they can help with a book, practise tests, organising the exam itself and preparing the medical test which you will also need.



  5. Hi
    I want to give theory test in English . please tell me which is best site for study at home without any school.i live in Spain.


    1. Hi Ana,

      I took a few extra lessons that normally needed as the examers were on strike last summer so I had to wait a while for the exam… I’d say I spent around 900 but you could do it for 700 euros if you dont need extra classes.

      Hope that answers your question



  6. I have been looking for a while and canf seem to fund anythinf about my wuestion but, how mant questions are you allowed to get wrong in the theory test?


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