15 Places You Must Visit in Spain

As I keep ranting on about in almost every post I write, Spain is incredibly diverse! You can do almost everything here from skiing to sunbathing in climates so different, you’ll feel like you’ve travelled half way across the world 🌎

I’ve had the chance to travel around many cities in Spain but there are still many more I need to go and see, maybe some of the best places are the ones we’ve never even heard of!

So here’s my list of what I think are the 15 must-visit attractions in Spain:

1. Plaza España in Sevilla

12 hours in Seville

This stunning attraction is placed in the centre of Maria Luisa park and a huge historical monument. Around the edge of the Plaza España you’ll find a bench for every province in the whole of Spain. Find out the Top 10 things to do in Seville.

2. Hanging Houses in Cuenca

hanging houses cuenca

In this hidden underrated city in Spain you can discover some beautiful traditional hanging houses which stick right out over the cliff edges of the old town. They are still being lived in and used as they always were and you can see them from across the bridge into Cuenca. Learn more about What’s on in Cuenca in my previous article.

3. The Guggenheim in Bilbao


guggenheim bilbao

Come and be overwhelmed by the incredible art museum in the centre of Bilbao, the Guggenheim. This extraordinary building was made by Canadian architect Frank Ghery. 😱

4. Teide Volcano in Tenerife

Teide Tenerife

You might not think that the Spanish island Tenerife is the home of an active volcano which is often covered in snow! Take a cable car right up to the top of Teide volcano and explore the unique terrain along with some gorgeous views.

5. Formentor, Mallorca

formentor majorca

The tip of the island, high up in the mountains of Mallorca is one of the best places to watch the amazing views over the Mediterranean sea. If you dare, drive up the winding road which takes you here and then enjoy a dip in sea on Formentor beach afterwards.


6. City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia


Valencia is home to some of the most interesting architecture and you can explore a number of modern designed buildings in the City of Arts and Sciences.


7. The Mesquita, Cordoba

mezquita cordoba

Visit the religious site where east meets west in the Mezquita which is a mosque turned into a cathedral and an interesting mixture of the two cultures and designs in the middle of Cordoba.


8. Sagrada Familia, Barcelona

sagrada familia

Prepare to be really stunned, this is not just your average church, the Sagrada Familia is an astonishing design by Gaudi  make sure you also go inside as it’s even better!


9. The Alhambra, Granada


Step back in time in the Moorish Palace the Alhambra in Granada, Andalusia.


10. Puente Nuevo, Ronda


Ronda is a small village perched on a hill in the southern region of Spain, but what makes it unique is the impressive bridge aka. puente nuevo which connects the two parts of this city.

11. Aqueduct of Segovia

segovia aquaduct

The Aqueduct of Segovia is one of the best kept Roman monuments in the world.


12. La concha, San Sebastian

san sebastian

San Sebastian is rumoured to be one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. Don’t miss it!


13. Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela

The cathedral of Santiago de Compostela is the key component in the UNESCO world heritage site of the city.


14. Old town of Toledo


Toledo used to be the capital city of Spain and now is a historical beauty with elements of moorish, jewish and christian cultures and styles.


15. Alcazaba of Malaga

malaga alcazabar

The best kept Alcazaba in Spain, made by the Moors in the 11th century and with amazing views of the city of Malaga.

Have you visited any of these places in Spain? What would you include in your list of the sights you absolutely must see in this country? Love to hear your thoughts!

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