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Tapas restaurants open on a Sunday in Palma

Believe it or not, it can be a struggle to find restaurants open on a Sunday in Palma de Mallorca. Being a religious country, Spain can be pretty quiet on a Sunday depending which part you go to. Many bars and restaurants actually close on Sundays in Palma and it can be a challenge to find a place to open if you don’t plan beforehand.

If you’re wandering around the city centre on a Sunday anywhere other than the main touristic areas, you’ll notice that many of the restaurants close down and the town centre seems a bit dead. If you don’t know where to go and need some insider tips, I’ve prepared a list of tapas restaurants open on Sundays in Palma.

Lemon tree Palma

Calle pes de la farina 10

lemon tree

I love this place, it’s really close to my flat in the old town so I often go here on Sundays. Lemon tree offer delicious homemade Spanish dishes like Pamboli, salad and tapas. One of their most popular choices are their wide selection of burgers. Try the Mallorquin one with Sobrassada, it’s amazing! If you’re vegan or vegetarian, they offer a range of burgers and tapas for you too.

Bario Restaurant Palma

Paseo de Portixol 3

beach and roll

Bario (formerly beach and roll) is a little further out of the centre and right next to the beach in Palma. I love this restaurant and the owners are really friendly. They serve a bit of everything including tapas, sushi, burgers and even pizza! It’s an ideal place to sit outside in the summer and watch the sunset. Bario also serve a range of vegan and vegetarian dishes. 

Tast Calle Unio

Calle Unio 2

tast mallorca

Tast is a Mallorcan restaurant chain serving delicious tapas and pinchos. There is one on the main avenidas near Plaza España and another in the centre of the old town on Jaime III. I love coming here as a treat as it’s a little on the pricey side but really tasty food!

Casa Gallega

Avenida del Comte de Sallent, 19

casa gallega

Casa Gallega is located on the main avendias near Plaza España and serves typical food from the Spanish region; Galicia. The most traditional dishes you will find include a lot of seafood, fish and octopus.

Don Caracol

Avenida del Comte de Sallent, 6

don caracol

Almost opposite Tast on the avenidas in Palma you’ll find Don Caracol which is a rather traditional Spanish restaurant with cheap prices and good food. Try the snails here which is the most traditional dish. Don’t be put off they’re really tasty!

Tucana Restaurant

Carrer dels Apuntadors, 14


Tucana Restaurant is situated in the heart of La Lonja which is a very lively area of Palma and particularly popular among tourists. I love this place because they have a unique range of Tapas, not only from Spain but with hints of Asian cuisine. Their food is good quality and the staff are super friendly.

El Mariscal de Jamon

Carrer de Blanquerna, 3

el mariscal de jamon

If you’re looking for a cheap and satisfying meal then head to El Mariscal de Jamon in Calle Blanquerna. Every drink you order, you get a free plate of delicious Spanish Jamon, Chrorizo, cheese or other cured meats with bread and tomato. You will leave on a full stomach only by paying for drinks!

Sense Mon

Carrer de Sant Jaume, 5

pamboli sense mon

I discovered this interesting little place a few months ago by accident. It’s hidden on the narrow streets between Jaime III and La Rambla in Palma. The owner is always happy to serve you and there are even interesting board games to play while you’re waiting for your food. The best thing here is definitely the traditional Mallorcan Pamboli!


Plaza Mayor 11


Lizarran is a well known chain restaurant in Spain but I have to say they offer cheap food and it’s a nice place to go on a Sunday evening when there aren’t too many people around. I usually go to the one in Plaza Mayor, try some of the pinchos and order some raciones to share.

Bodega La Rambla

Via Roma 6

Bodega translates as ‘cellar’ in English and usually means it’s a traditional place with good food and wine. Bodega La Rambla is a good example of a traditional restaurant serving tasty food and drinks. They serve a wide range of tapas dishes but order the ‘varied mix’ if you want to try a bit of everything.


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