When I hear ‘Alicante’ for some reason I used to think of annoying British tourists who go to Spain to get drunk and burnt in tacky hotels without any sign of culture. But that’s in Benidorm, which is in the northern part of the Province. However I managed to go to the City of Alicante a couple of times, and although it may not be so … Continue reading Alicante


Located in the northern region, Austurias (famous for mountains and Cider) is the coastal city Gijòn. I was lucky enough to travel here for 2 days last summer as a last minute weekend away in a BlaBlaCar from Madrid. We stayed with an Airbnb host which did the job but was one of the dirtiest apartments I’ve ever stayed in, there was also a crazy cat (am … Continue reading Gijòn


Tarifa, maybe you will have heard of it, maybe you haven’t. It’s a very small town in Andalusia on the very southern tip of the peninsula. It’s one of the few places that has 2 different seas( Mediterranean and Atlantic) about a minute walk from one another, how cool is that?! Tarifa is home to kite-surfers, being one of the best places to kite-surf in … Continue reading Tarifa