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The Best Ways to Transfer Money Abroad

If you’re moving abroad to a country with a different currency than your home country, it can be difficult to exchange your money in large doses or on a regular basis. I know, after living in Spain for 2 years and returning home to the UK fairly often, I have trouble finding the best way of transferring those euros back to pounds. Especially now my … Continue reading The Best Ways to Transfer Money Abroad

Manzanares el Real

6 Things I’ve learned living in Spain

I love Spain. I love the culture, the weather, the food the people, the nature and everything else! But there are a few things that I still don’t really get, or that I’ve had to learn to adapt to since moving here. Most of the things I’ve noticed are small little thigns that irritate me, but I’d like to vent them out to you all the same. … Continue reading 6 Things I’ve learned living in Spain

Manzanares el Real

5 Day Trips from Madrid

Madrid is SLAP BANG right in the middle of the Spanish peninsula, meaning it’s pretty easy to travel to most other parts of the country for the weekend or a holiday. There are also some lovely day trips from Madrid if you don’t have as much time off work for a holiday! The public transport here is fairly good and if you want to breakout from the stress of big city life, … Continue reading 5 Day Trips from Madrid

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Top 10 Bars in Palma de Majorca (Old Town)

Spain is the country with the most bar’s per person than any other in Europe! There are almost 6 bars per every thousand people, that’s a lot of bars! It’s 3 times more than we have in the UK! The bar culture here is different to some other country’s, maybe because the warm weather makes sitting on a terrace with a cold drink almost impossible to … Continue reading Top 10 Bars in Palma de Majorca (Old Town)

Finding accommodation in Spain

Finding accommodation in Spain

When moving to another country finding a place to live can be daunting. I mean finding accommodation in my own country is hard enough, imagine in another place where you have no idea where to look, how to speak to lingo or what to expect. During my time in Spain I’ve lived in 8 different flats, 4 cities, lost 3 deposits, been (literally) kicked out and even held hostage … Continue reading Finding accommodation in Spain

Finding a Native English Expat job in Spain

Finding an Expat job in Spain

Are you an expat looking for a job in Spain? Not sure where to begin? I first started working in Spain in the summer of 2013 as a language assistant in Cuenca, and now, at the end of 2015 I have landed an amazing job in a startup in Majorca. And in between, worked in 4 other jobs, filled in plenty of application forms and attended many interviews…  It … Continue reading Finding an Expat job in Spain