How to get your NIE in Spain

If you’re lucky enough to have been born in a country which is part of the EU, you have the right to live and work in Spain. Or maybe you managed to get yourself a working visa in Spain? Well either way, the only thing you need to do beforehand (other than get a job in Spain) is to get yourself a NIE, which is … Continue reading How to get your NIE in Spain

el carmen

Valencia’s Most Cosmopolitan Neighbourhoods

Like most big cities, Valencia has it’s fair range of different neighbourhoods and they are pretty diverse. After living there for a winter whilst working in marketing for a language school, I started to get my head around which neighbourhoods stood for what and what was special about each one. So here you go… Russafa Russafa is possibly one of my favourite neighbourhoods, probably because … Continue reading Valencia’s Most Cosmopolitan Neighbourhoods

transfer money abroad

The Best Ways to Transfer Money Abroad

If you’re moving abroad to a country with a different currency than your home country, it can be difficult to exchange your money in large doses or on a regular basis. I know, after living in Spain for 2 years and returning home to the UK fairly often, I have trouble finding the best way of transferring those euros back to pounds. Especially now my … Continue reading The Best Ways to Transfer Money Abroad