Alice Taylor

My name is Alice and I blog about my love for Spain and especially Mallorca where I’ve lived since 2015.

It all began when I moved to Madrid for my erasmus year back in 2013, I fell in love with the Spanish lifestyle and couldn’t stay away. Since then I have lived in Cuenca and Valencia after ending up in Mallorca where I found love (eventually for a Malloquín as well as the island xD).

I enjoy travelling around Spain and love how diverse this country is.

I hope my blog can help explore the best side of Spain and Mallorca. And that the future will hold many more stories and tips to share with you.

Feel free to get in touch at fallforspain@gmail.com



5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello there. Firstly, thank you for your blogs, they are really helpful. I’m moving to Palma on the 1st of November and I’m really battling to get an appointment online to apply for my residency card. I got issued a non-lucrative VISA and I am supposed to make an appointment for my residency card within 30 days of arrival in Spain. Do you have any tips or advice on how one might go about getting that appointment? I am trying every 10/15 minutes to try and catch an open appointment but just want to ask around to find out if there’s a simpler way to get the appointment. Thank you again!


    1. Hi Matthew,

      If you are unable to get an appointment online I would go there first thing in the morning as they open when you move and hopefully they can squeeze you in if it’s urgent. You may have to wait a while though.



      1. Thank you very much Alice. I ended up trying non-stop every day for about 3 weeks and eventually got an appointment. It was today and it went well and I can go fetch the card in 40 days time… thank you for your response!!!


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