Top places to eat Vegan in Palma de Mallorca

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Veganism and Vegetarianism is becoming increasingly popular all over the world – 2019 has been named the year of the vegan as more people are turning than ever before. Although Spanish culture is filled with delicious meat and fish orientated delicacies, I’m seeing new vegan and vegetarian eateries are opening all over Spain. Palma de Mallorca is a hub for vegan or vegetarian delights with new vegan restaurants in Mallorca opening every month.

Having recently turned vegetarian myself, I have become more involved in the vegan/vegetarian revolution, actively trying new restaurants in the city and trying to learn how to cook xD. I have learned a lot about vegan food and there is much more to it than I could have imagined. Vegan food is creative, healthy and surprisingly delicious!


So I’ve prepared a list of my top places to eat vegan in Palma. Here we go…


Paseo de Portixol, 3. 07006 Palma – Book now


This has to be my top restaurant serving vegan in Palma. Although it is not an exclusively vegan restaurant, Bario serves a mix of meat and fish as well as a wide range of plant-based dishes. Located in an ideal setting on the promenade of Palma, with views to the sea and almost always in the sun. The staff are super friendly and helpful which is important for me when eating out. My favourite dish has to be the vegan Frito Malloquín!

Temple Natura

C/Temple 4 bajos 07001 Palma – Book now

template natura palma

Another hidden gem in the backstreets of the old town in Palma. You’ll find a secret garden at the back of the restaurant where you can eat your lunch under the orange trees. While only open during the day, it’s an ideal place to come for breakfast, lunch or a coffee and cake after walking around the city. Template Natura is a vegetarian restaurant only serving vegan/vegetarian dishes. The staff are really polite and make the experience even more unique in Template Natura. My favourite dish is definitely the Burrito de frijoles (black bean burrito!). 

Lemon Tree

Calle Pes de la Farina, 10, 07001 Palma – Book now

lemon tree burger

Lemon tree is located in the heart of the old town and a fun place to go in the evenings for drinks and food. It has more of a lively atmosphere in the evenings and on weekends. Serving a range of tapas dishes both vegan and non-vegan with plenty of choice. Try the vegan falafel or vegan nachos! They also offer a range of tasty burgers which you can wash down nicely with a glass or wine or a bucket of beers with friends. Lemon tree is part of La Ruta Martiana, a bar crawl which happens every Tuesday from 7pm onwards where you can get a beer and a tapa for 3€ (including vegan options of course!)

Vegan and raw

Plaça Bisbe Berenguer de Palou, 2, Palma –  Book now

Vegan and raw is a unique vegan restaurant in Palma which only cooks food up to 40 degrees centigrade. Their ethos is that food looses most of it’s nutrients after being cooked above this temperature and from that comes the name ‘vegan and raw‘. I went for a 3 course meal including vegan soup, plant based lasagne and choco-energy balls for desert. I was pleasantly surprised by the friendly staff and nice venue located in Plaza Patines in Palma. Go there on a Saturday morning to enjoy their plant based brunch where you can try a mixture of their best dishes. They also offer a different cooking class every week of the month where you can learn how to make the best plant-based food!

What’s your favourite place to eat vegan in Palma? I’d love to hear your suggestions!

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