Mallorca textiles

Traditional local Mallorquín products

Spain is full of traditions, from gastronomy to festivals to local produce. All made using resources and techniques which go back as far as thousands of years. Spain is so diverse, each region has it’s own unique traditions – Mallorca included!

There are many local products made in Mallorca, which have been passed down generations and are still popular among both locals and tourists. From fashion to kitchenware or glass-making, you’ll find plenty of local gems which are still used to this day. Here’s some of my favourites…

Mallorquín leather

mallorca leather

Mallorca’s third largest city; Inca, is the birthplace of leather in Mallorca. Inca is best-known for its footwear production and also where the world-famous shoe brand Camper was born! There are all sorts of beautiful leather products made on the island including fashion, furniture and tools.

Raffia products

membreria vidal

When walking around the villages in Mallorca or if you spend a day on the beach, you may notice a lot of people carrying their belongings in a raffia basket. Mallorca is renowned for its woven raffia products. There are plenty of traditional shops, especially in Artà, selling all kinds of delights; from table mats, to bags, to decorations. One of my favourites in Palma is Mimbreria Vidal, a family owned independent shop which goes back 3 generations.

Ceramics from Mallorca

Siurell de fang

Mallorca is also well-known for its ceramics industry, due to the large number of red clay deposits located around the island. The best place to find unique hand-made ceramics is in Mallorca’s weekly markets which are never short of pottery stalls. The main villages in Mallorca to buy ceramics are Marratxí, Manacor and Pollenca. The most iconic ceramic gift you’ll find is the famous Siurell which is a small colourful figure with a built-in whistle.

Mallorca textiles

Mallorca textiles

If you spend some time wandering around the market towns in Mallorca you’ll probably notice many of the textiles have a similar geometric pattern which is called ‘tela lengua’ translated as ‘cloth of tongues’. This unique design goes back generations and comes from the far east. The design is still used regularly on the island, especially on cushions, curtains or table-cloths.

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