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5 Local Places to Enjoy Breakfast in Palma de Mallorca

I for one, love to eat breakfast out in Palma. There are so many lovely places to head out to get a bite to eat and if the sun is shining, which it often is, what better way to start your morning than with some vitamin D and a cafe con leche. Whether you want just a typical toastada con tomate or a full on brunch, I’ve made a list of my 5 favourite places to go for breakfast in Palma de Mallorca.


Calle Socors 60


I only recently discovered this place as its pretty new but it’s right outside my door so a super easy place to grab some breakfast. The staff are so friendly they made me want to keep going back. It’s small local places like this one which remind me that I live in Spain and why I love being here. Cocimania have a range of local produce including your typical toastada, croissants, fruit and delicious juice smoothies! Psst! They also have an online shop selling typical Spanish food and drink, check it out if you want to send some tasty delights back home or as a gift 🙂

Rosevelt bakery

Carrer de la Missió 15

Rosevelvet Bakery is a little bit more hipster but still delicious and with a cute terrace out the back. All their food is homemade and they have unique specials everyday. It’s hidden just around the back of Plaza de Espana in the centre of Palma.

Lluis Perez

Calle Bonaire 14

lluis perez

Lluis Perez is an Instagram lover’s dream! Their pastries are lined up beautifully each day and I honestly love their croissants. They serve mostly sweet bites but you can order a toastada too if you prefer. Oh and try their orange juice! 🍊

Mise En place

Plaza Mayor 10

brunch mise en place

Mise En Place is a fairly new cafe in the heart of Palma. They’re open all day long but the best time to go there is for Brunch! The brunch includes fruit, yoghurt, a pastry, juice, coffee and eggs for about 12 euros!

C’an Joan de S’aigo

Calle Can Sanc 10

And of course, last but not least, we cannot miss Palma’s oldest breakfast place! C’an Joan De S’aigo is a traditional breakfast cafe serving Mallorca’s well known pastry: The Ensaimada. This place is known to have the best ensaimadas in the island so come down and don’t miss out!

What’s your favourite place to eat breakfast in Palma? And do you normally choose the typical toastada con tomate or an Ensaimada? Let me know your thoughts🙃

If you’re more of a nightowl, check of my favourite bars in Palma’s old town!


2 thoughts on “5 Local Places to Enjoy Breakfast in Palma de Mallorca

  1. ¡Holaaa! Soy Aina, nos conocimos en el evento BaleresTB, por fin me paso por tu blog 😀
    ¡He ido y me encantan tooodos los que has compartido! También soy una chica de desayuno 😉 Genial post, un besito guapa!

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    1. Hola Aina! Gracias por su comentario tan maja 🙂 yo también me encanta salir de desayunar, un día tenemos que hacerlo juntas 👌❤️ nos vemosss

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