The Most Adrenaline Pumping Theme Parks in Spain

I personally can’t get enough of theme parks and absolutely love being scared out of my wits. Since I was young I’ve always looked for the most adrenaline filled activity I could try whether that was bungee jumping, climbing up my neighbours scaffolding when I shouldn’t or the more normal option – a day out in a theme park.

I still love going to theme parks and will jump at the chance to scare the sh*t out of myself whenever I can. In Mallorca where I live, there are 2 really fun water parks which I love going to in the summer. I wanted to find out what were the scariest theme parks in Spain so I’ve prepared a list. Here’s what I found…

Portaventura Salou

Portaventura is probably the most famous theme park in Spain. One of the most thrilling parts of the park is Ferrariland which has formula 1 inspired rides going extra fast! The scariest ride in Portaventura has to be Red Force which takes you up to 180kph! Portaventura is located in Salou the region of Catalonia around an hour and a half away from Barcelona.


Parque Warner Madrid

If you love cinema then Parque Warner is for you, as you feel like you’re inside a film. Stunt Fall ride is exactly what it sounds like – fly like a movie stunt with all those twists and falls. The park is owned by the markers of Six Flags in America, so it must be good!

warner bros park madrid
Via Riberamerica.com

Aqualand Mallorca

As Spain usually has good weather, you can find a lot of scary and exciting water parks too! Aqualand in Mallorca is just a 15 minute drive from Palma and with plenty of different water rides to try. I think the scariest ride in Aqualand has to be King Cobra as you can’t see where you’ll end up!

aqualand mallorca

Tibidabo Barcelona

Tibidabo is located in the city of Barcelona, Spain. One of the most interesting rides in the park is the first one which was ever made, The Ariel Railway. As the park is situated right on top of  a hill, you can get some incredible (and quite scary) views across the whole city.


Siam Park Tenerife

We’re back to the water parks again and in this one you get to swim with sharks! Siam Park is located on the Canary Island, Tenerife and The Tower of Power ride actually takes you right under an aquarium of sharks. But don’t worry, they can’t bite you, we hope…

siam park
Via Pinterest

Aqualandia Benidorm

If sharks aren’t enough to scare you what about a completely vertical drop. In Aqualandia, the ride VertiGO puts you inside a cylinder and suddenly drops you down a vertical slide at 100km per hour. Fancy that?!

Via Pinterest

Have you been to any of these parks? Would love to hear your thoughts!


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