Celebrity Larry Lamb meets the Spanish locals in Barcelona, Palma and Ibiza

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British I’m a celebrity and Eastenders star Larry Lamb travels around Spain to meet some locals and explore a few of the best parts of these wonderful cities.

larry lamb thompson cruise

Larry Lamb embarked on a trip with Thomson cruises to discover some of the most beautiful parts of Spain. In Barcelona he had a go at playing the percussion for a flamenco show and afterwards tried some delicious tapas in the famous Boqueria food market. In Palma Larry travels around by bike (one of my favourite things to do in this city) and visits the famous Palma Cathedral: La Seu. Larry’s last stop was in Ibiza where he met a local from the city and went on a fishing trip followed by a seafood dinner in the beach restaurant ‘El Chirringuito de Dona Maria‘.

I decided to follow him on his travels to see what he got up to when visiting my hometown Palma de Mallorca

The same as most visitors who come to Spain, Larry really loved his time travelling around and the Thomson cruise enabled him to see much of the different cultures.

This was Larry’s reaction after his trip with Thomson visiting Barcelona, Palma and Ibiza:

“I have been lucky enough to travel around the world during my career, meeting a many different people from across the planet, but I’ve never had the opportunity to go on a cruise holiday. After spending a week on TUI Discovery 2, I realised that cruising really is an incredible way to see the world, meeting new people and broadening my horizons. It’s not just about staying on board the ship but more about what you can do when you step foot off the boat and discover the cities.”

larry lamb palma

Follow Larry’s full tour of Spain with cruise mates.

It’s amazing how many parts of the Mediterranean you can explore in just a few days if you go on a cruise holiday. It’s a lot easier than travelling by car, bus or plane. And you can also relax while you’re on the move as the Thomson cruise ships usually have plenty of activities including a climbing wall, cinema, swimming pool and plenty of international restaurants to enjoy!

Have you ever been on a cruise? Did you enjoy it? I’d love to hear your stories in the comments 🙂

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