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How to get the resident card (Tarjeta Ciudadana) Palma de Mallorca

The Tarjeta ciudadana is what you will need if you want to take a bus in Palma or to use the resident discount on flights. You can top it up and use it on all the public buses in Palma without having to use cash, you’ll also pay half price of a normal ticket. Tarjeta ciudadana also serves for the BiciPalma – a public bike system where you can rent bikes for free or for a small fee if you use for more than 30 mins. I use this regularly and find it a fast and cheap way to get around the city centre.


How to get the tarjeta ciudadana

To get this city card you will need to have be registered in Palma (empadronamiento) and have a NIE number.

Once you have this you can visit a local office in Palma and claim your card. No need to get an appointment.

Where to top up your tarjeta ciudadana

You can top-up your card in a number of places around Palma. Including newsagents, tobacco stores and kiosks. See the full list of places you can top up the tarjeta ciudadana in Palma.

Good luck!


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