Traditional food and drink in Mallorca

Mallorca is full of restaurants and bars that serve homemade dishes and reflect Mallorca’s deep-rooted traditions. Mallorcan food is full of flavours and ingredients that have been used for hundreds of years, many of which are growing in popularity all over the world.

If you’re a foodie, then Mallorca is one of the best places to visit because there are so many different flavours to try made from local producers on the island. The Mallorcan climate is ideal for growing fresh vegetables all-year-round with each season having its own speciality. Let’s take a look at some of the tastiest dishes from Mallorca.

Food made in Mallorca

Did you know that Mallorca is home to thousands of almond trees? Many tourists flock here every year in springtime  to see them in bloom which only happens for a week or two every year! If you’re nutty for nuts, then you’ll find plenty of Almond-based treats including almond ice cream and cakes.

olive oil

There are also thousands of olive trees across the island. The olives have a slightly different taste to olives from Andalusia and other parts of Spain as they have a much more bitter flavour. They are often used to make olive oil which is truly delicious and used to add flavour to many local dishes.

sal mallorca

Sal de Mallorca – Salt is another traditional Mallorca-made food created in the Salt planes near es Trenc, flor d’sal is one of the best known brands selling Mallorcan salt made with flowers from the island.

Sobrassada is a soft cured pork, similar to other cured meats such as chorizo but with a much softer texture which you can spread onto bread to create one of the most famous meals, Pamboli. It’s made with salt, black pepper and paprika to give it that extra kick.

Typical dishes from Mallorca


As we mentioned earlier, Pamboli is often made from the cured meat sobrassada. But what actually is Pamboli? It dates back from hundreds of years ago when poorer families made the most of the stale bread they had left at the end of the week and created a meal from it. Now (normally made with fresh bread!) it’s made from typical ‘pan moreno’ – brown bread from Mallorca, with olive oil, salt and then rubbed with tomato to give it extra flavour. Then you can choose your topping! Either top it off with cheese, often Queso Mahon from Menorca, sobrassada or jamon serrano.


Another of my favourites is Tumbet, made from potatoes, aubergines and red peppers with a tomato sauce. It’s often eaten with meat or fish or on it’s own as a delicious vegetarian dish.

Frito Mallorquin -Literally translated as ‘’fried Mallorcan’ is made from liver, onion, green and red peppers and potato. However you can also find other versions of frito mallorquin made from fish or even vegetarian options (my favourite!). Sopas Mallorquinas are traditional soups packed with beans, vegetables and paprika. 

coca de trampo

We can’t forget the typical coca de Trampo which is the ‘Mallorcan pizza’ as some call it, made with onion and peppers on an oven baked dough (without cheese). You can also eat Trampó on it’s own which is a great light meal for a warm summer’s day.

Sweets from Mallorca

For those with a sweet tooth, you can’t visit Mallorca without trying the typical breakfast dish, Ensaimada. Made from pastry and lard with a sprinkle of sugar on the top, these mouth watering cakes are typically eaten for breakfast or with an afternoon coffee. Coca de Cuarto is a light sugary cake also eaten at breakfast time. Both can be enjoyed with hot chocolate or almond ice cream. If you’re in Mallorca at Easter, you’re in luck – Bunyols (doughnuts made from potato dough sprinkled in sugar) and Rubiols (pastries filled with jam, pumpkin or chocolate) will be in abundance!

Traditional drink from Mallorca

tunel hierbas

Hierbas is a sweet aniseed liqueur normally drunk after a meal to help digestion (at least that’s what they say it’s for!). The most famous brand being Túnel sold in a leafy shaped green bottle with 40% alcohol! The tradition of Mallorcan Hierbas goes back hundreds of years to when Priests and pharmacists experimented to create a drink with medical benefits. So drink without guilt!

Like most parts of Spain you can find many local wines from Mallorca. There are hundreds to try  but my favourite so far is Àn/2 which is a dry, sweet flavoured red wine, great with cured meat and strong cheeses.

What is your favourite food and drink in Mallorca? Have you tried them all yet?


2 thoughts on “Traditional food and drink in Mallorca

  1. Great post! You’ve been in Spain for 4 years, right? Do you think now it’s a good time to buy real estate there? My husband is looking for restaurants for sale in Majorca there, it seems they are waaay overpriced there


    1. Hey Ann,
      Yes almost 5 years now…
      You can never predict the future of the economy but I think the prices are almost as high as they were before the crisis.
      On another note tourism in Majorca is growing rapidly including in winter whereas previously Majorca has mostly been popular in summer months.



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