10 Rooftop Bars You Should Visit in Palma de Mallorca

When I moved to Palma after living in Madrid, I thought there was a real lack of roof terraces which is a shame because I love sitting on a rooftop with  a cocktail in the evenings…

Over the last couple of years there have been a few new rooftop bars popping up and I’ve managed to discover some which were a little harder to find if you’re not from round here. Palma has some amazing views of the old town, the mountains and the sea from the centre so rooftops are definitely worth a visit in this city! You’ll find a mixture of casual and more luxurious roof terraces in Palma, so here they are…

1. Hotel Almudaina Sky Bar

Av. de Jaume III, 9

sky bar palma

This place is a little hidden as it’s just a small entrance in Jaime III. You can take the lift on the right to the top floor and there you will find the roof terrace. You have the option to sit inside with a nice view, outside in the sun or even right on the very top up another small set of stairs! You can really see everything from here, there’s a beautiful view across the cathedral, the old town and the sea. Compared to the rest, I’d say the prices here are pretty reasonable. A beer costs around 3 euros and you can eat for around 10 euros.

2. Nakar Hotel

Av. de Jaume III, 21

nakar hotel palma

Nakar hotel only opened up in 2016 so it’s fairly new. The best part about it? It has a swimming pool ontop! The worst part? It’s only available for clients. But you can head up there to have a look, or if you go on a Friday evening they have a DJ up their and cocktails. During the rest of the week you can enjoy drinks or food just 1 floor down which has a kind of half indoor/half outdoor terrace with some lovely views and very spacious. A little on the pricey side but well worth it.

nakar hotel palma

3. Brick Hotel

Carrer Forn d’en Vila, 3

brick hotel palma

Brick Hotel also opened up in 2016 so its another new one. It’s in my neighbourhood so I actually go there quite a lot for drinks. The staff are super friendly and helpful. They have a bar on the ground floor, hostel rooms upstairs but right at the top you will find the roof terrace. It’s really cute and more authentic than a lot of the hotels. You can get a great view of the old town and narrow streets from here. This place has pretty usual prices rather than the other more posh hotels.

4. Hotel Saratoga Blue Jazz Club

Passeig de Mallorca, 6


This place is fairly well known by locals and has been around for a while. They have live music every weekend, usually jazz, but really good fun and always crowded! Their terrace is not so big but a nice place to enjoy some drinks and more of a lounging area. You can get a good view of the harbour and the sea from here.

5. Puro Hotel Terrace

Carrer de Montenegro, 12


Puro hotel terrace is open all day from 9am until midnight. You can come up here to chill out, rent out a double sunbed or enjoy some cocktails. They also offer a food menu for lunch, dinner or snacks. The place is very relaxing and you’ll feel right at home, it will be difficult to leave!

6. Hotel Sant Francesc Singular Bar

Book a table in Hotel Sant Francesc Singular bar


Located right in the centre of the old town Sindicat in Plaza San Fransisco you’ll find the sushi bar rooftop terrace in hotel San Francesc. From the terrace you get a lovely view of the San Francisco Church/School right next door. You can also see all of the old architecture surrounding this area. The terrace is open from 7pm to the public when they have a sushi menu as well as typical Spanish food. The food is a little pricey but well worth it and you will really feel in luxury here.

7. Port Blanc Restaurant

Marina Moll Vell, Local N° 2


Port Blanc is located, where you might have guessed, on the port. It’s a huge building which has been designed to look like a boat and also has some other restaurants in the same building. In Port Blanc you can sit on the top of this boat like building and watch all the glistening lights across the harbour whilst enjoying a cocktail and dinner. 

port blanc

8. El Corte Ingles Jaime III

Avenida de Jaime III, 15

el corte ingles palma

El corte ingles? Isn’t that a department store? Yes it is! But what I didn’t realise until this week is that they also have a really nice cafe upstairs with a beautiful indoor and outdoor terrace. As it’s not a hotel, it’s not as posh as the other options and, well it is a roof terrace! They do lots of types of food, not too complicated and reasonably priced. And not usually too busy, as it’s a hidden gem 😉

9. Palacio Ca Sa Galesa

Carrer de Miramar, 8


Palacio Ca Sa Galesa is in a dream location and almost touching distance of Palma’s famous cathedral. You can see great sights of the cathedral, the sea and the city centre from the terrace. They have a pool, sun loungers and you can enjoy either breakfast, lunch or dinner up on the terrace. It’s a lovely way to spend your afternoon with some drinks and gorgeous views!

10. Es Princep Hotel Almaq

Book a table in Almaq

Es Princep is a fairly new 5 star hotel located right at the start of the old wall which used to surround the whole city. The terrace bar Almaq is in a prime position for views across the city and the ocean. They offer a range of delicious cocktails and bar snacks. during the summer you’ll find live music and events in the bar on weekends.

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    1. Says “Sara McDonald” about Mallorca island 🙂

      Yeah, we should have told to our ancestors in the island to stop talking about it or sth…



    1. You’re welcome! I also had to search hard to find them all as there are some lovely places in the old town. Now the sun is out more it’s time to enjoy them 🙂


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